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Bosun Bob


Bosun Bob The Salty Old Sea Dog is a beautifully evocative tale of a tenacious seafaring dog and his adventures at sea. 

Bob sets sail at dawn, leaving the safety of his harbour for the open ocean. He meets a series of mysterious and sometimes frightening sea creatures before his ship is wrecked in a violent thunderstorm. Bob is rescued from an untimely end and meets an unlikely shipmate in the process.


Upcoming Events and Book Festivals

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  • Exmoor National Park Centre: Lynmouth

    Saturday the 25th of May 10.30 - 12.30pm

    Join Erin for a lively reading session from Bosun Bob! Hear the story behind the story and get your copy signed!

  • Exmoor National Park Centre: Dunster

    Saturday the 25th/26th of May: time tbc

    Join us for Erin's whimsical reading of short Bosun Bob passages, uncover the story behind the tale and ask any questions.

  • Exmouth Festival: Meet the Author

    Saturday the 20th of July

    Discover the fascinating world of Bosun Bob through live readings and Q&A sessions with author Erin. Get your signed copy!

  • Woodbury Park Country Club

    Sunday 21st July

    Join us for a special reading session with Erin. Experience the magic behind Bosun Bob's story and get your signed copy!

  • Real Magic Books, Wendover

    Sunday the 22nd September 1pm

    Get to know the inspiration behind Bosun Bob with Erin's engaging readings. Ask questions, chat, and personalise your special edition.

  • Invite Erin and Emily to your book shop, school, or event.

    Please get in touch with your dates and details and we will try and get there. We'll bring along the biscuits.